Weekly Update 10/06/14 + New Alpha

Another week, another Land War playable alpha. Check it out here.

This week I concentrated on laying some more AI ground work. The AI should path around obstacles on the ground, and just about get around altogether better than before. I still haven’t decided what I want to happen in terms of AI flag defense.

I’m continuing to rework the HUD, only to remove it the next day. I just can’t come up with a style for the HUD that I like, so for now it is very much pure utility and ugly. Mind that.

Also new this week is a reworking of the map select screen, and several different levels can be played.

Perhaps the coolest new feature of this week is the addition of a new unit to call down, the melee unit. You only have access to this unit in the second set of levels (level 6+), so beat the first four levels and the boss stage to start playing with those. The melee unit is faster than the base soldier, but slightly more expensive. He is good for rushing the enemy flag down, but his effective weapons range is extremely low, so he can be a risky purchase.

Check it out.

What can you expect for the next build?

More levels, surely. I also imagine that the AI will be finalized by the end of this week, so expect them to bonsai rush you and defend their flag much smarter than now. There will also be one more new unit for you to play with, and ten more levels.
Stay tuned.

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