Silent Station

Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum





Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum is a 2D side-scrolling rogue-like horror game.

In Silent Station, players take on the role of Human Resources Specialist 11-F. As an HR person, it is your job to occasionally let go of a few undesirable employees. Only these employees are on a space station, and they aren’t being fired because they are stealing the stationary as much as they are being fired because they have become crazed murderers.

Walk through the dark halls of the abandoned and randomly generated space hulk, going room by room while collecting data and clues as to what exactly happened on the space station Freedonia. Your ultimate goal is to overload the engine cores on each deck and scuttle the station, but be careful. Ammo is scarce, and the current inhabitants of the station won’t take kindly to your presence. Watch your back, get in, then get out.

  • Explore a randomly generated space station. Every play-through is different.
  • Fight or flight! Ammo is scarce, and discretion can be the better part of valor.
  • You are never safe. Crazed scientists along with otherworldly beings will stalk you through the station.
  • Set the core to overload on each deck to progress, but you better get back to the airlock before the deck blows.
  • Unravel the mystery of what caused the space station to go dark in the first place.

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