Land War

It’s Land War, the new arcade action game from Stingy Hat Games.

In Land War, you take on the role of a battle hardened commander, and must both strategically place soldiers in defensive and offensive positions, as well as fearlessly take to the front lines yourself to win the day.

Will you charge into the thick of the enemy, or hang back and defend your flag while your soldiers push forward in your place?

Do you send out swarms of low level troops, or save up for an upgrade to effectively multiply the strength of your existing soldiers?

  • Dodge tons of bullets, while letting a few of your own fly to deadly effect.
  • Call down three unique types of troops to support you.
  • Upgrade your troops to increase their battlefield effectiveness.
  • Protect your banner carrier to maximize your battle resources, while hunting down the enemy’s carrier to prevent them from having the same advantage.
  • Watch the points soar as you lead your troops from the front lines to take the enemy flag.
  • Cutesy art and voice overs belie the carnage within.

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