Land War Playable Alpha Build Updated

A new build of the Land War playable alpha has gone up (link).

Changes for this week include a map selection screen. Just click on any of the red ‘X’s and you will load the one and only level. Other additions include the ability for you to upgrade your troops and flag carrier. To upgrade your soldiers or flag carrier, click on the ‘+’ icons on the lower portion of the HUD. If you have the resource points, clicking the ‘+’ icons will spend the points to permanently buff your units.

Right now upgrading your soldiers will allow them to take an extra bullet before going down, while upgrading the flag carrier will make him generate resource points for you at a faster and faster rate. The upgrades system is a major component of the game design, and will force the player to make tough decisions. Saving up for an upgrade is risky, as it means the opponent will be able to field more troops than you and may be able to overwhelm you. On the other hand, an upgrade is a major force multiplier, and a well timed upgrade can absolutely turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Give it a shot and, as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Ta ta.

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