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Land War is Open for Business

Land War has officially gone on sale on the Windows 8 App Store, the Windows Phone Store, and the Google Play Store (Android).

I made a late term decision to postpone the iPhone variant of Land War. Or, more accurately, I didn’t realize that an actual Mac OS is required to submit an app to the iPhone app store until very, very recently. Worry not, though, as I have my sights set on a Mac Mini in the near future, with which I will be able to port all my games over to the iPhone platform.

What an incredible learning experience this entire release has been. And I know/fear that there will be more learning to come as the release goes on and the game gets into people’s hands. In a week or two I’ll do a postmortem write-up about everything I learned while making and distributing Land War.

What’s next? I will be in full support mode for a few days, I wager, after which I will shift into the final development push for Silent Station (you remember that game, right?).

What a ride this has been.

Oh, how about some links:

Windows Phone Store Land War page:

Google Play Land War page: LINK FORTHCOMING.

Also, now announcing the introduction of an official home for Stingy Hat Games discussion forums. Sign up now:

Weekly Update 10/06/14 + New Alpha

Another week, another Land War playable alpha. Check it out here.

This week I concentrated on laying some more AI ground work. The AI should path around obstacles on the ground, and just about get around altogether better than before. I still haven’t decided what I want to happen in terms of AI flag defense.

I’m continuing to rework the HUD, only to remove it the next day. I just can’t come up with a style for the HUD that I like, so for now it is very much pure utility and ugly. Mind that.

Also new this week is a reworking of the map select screen, and several different levels can be played.

Perhaps the coolest new feature of this week is the addition of a new unit to call down, the melee unit. You only have access to this unit in the second set of levels (level 6+), so beat the first four levels and the boss stage to start playing with those. The melee unit is faster than the base soldier, but slightly more expensive. He is good for rushing the enemy flag down, but his effective weapons range is extremely low, so he can be a risky purchase.

Check it out.

What can you expect for the next build?

More levels, surely. I also imagine that the AI will be finalized by the end of this week, so expect them to bonsai rush you and defend their flag much smarter than now. There will also be one more new unit for you to play with, and ten more levels.
Stay tuned.

Weekly Update 09/22/2014

I have only a quicky update post for today.

The Land War Development Blog is up, so you can see a complete(ish) list of features for the game, and where I’m at with them currently. Please check it out if that sort of thing interests you.

I’ll have at least one (perhaps two) updates to the Land War Playable Alpha this week. Expect to see further general refinements, as well as some new effects, a scoreboard, and the ability to upgrade your troops.

Ta ta.

Weekly Update 09/09/2014

Hi all!

I know I’ve missed a weekly update or two recently, and I’m super sorry about that. What’s the reason for the delay, you ask? Basically, I’ve just been really hard at work, and some of my duties have gone neglected. I hope it won’t happen too often.

As for the long promised Silent Station beta, it is still coming along. In fact, I’ve already wrapped up all development on that game, so barring any bug fixes, the game is code complete. So where is the beta? Well, I’m waiting on one more art asset. Once I have that, I’ll package it all up and release it. Check back here for updates on when that will be.

In the mean time, I’ve started work on my next game. I’m not ready to announce anything specific yet, but check back here soon. There may be an alpha release coming your way.

On the media front, I’ve opened up a twitter account, Follow my twitter account for the most current updates, as well as news as to when I’m next Livestreaming.

On the YouTube front, I’m uploading one let’s play a day, Monday through Friday. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are my Jagged Alliance 2 let’s play, while Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Blade of Darkness let’s play. Check them out (link).

Coming this Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that (hopefully), is the first ever Stingy Hat Podcast (dubbed the Stingycast). I have a highly competent and interesting crew helping to churn out topical, relevant, and fun gameplay commentary on a weekly basis. And as with all of my media stuff, the Stingycast is entirely PG-13 material, so even the youngins can listen to it.

That’s about it for now. As I mentioned before, check back later in the week for the first Stingycast, as well as a possible new game announcement.

Stay tuned!

Weekly Update 8/25/14

I have just a short check-in for this week’s update. I’ve been heads down and working on the next, and last, update to Silent Station.

This next update is rather large, and I’ve taken to calling it the “spooky update”. I’ve added a number of big features to the game that should help set the tone, ambience, and plot to the game. Changes in this update will include an intro story, an options menu, and several gameplay effects that will hopefully amp up the atmosphere of the game. This update will bring Silent Station up to a feature complete beta status.

What does this mean for the open alpha?

For starters, the open alpha will become an open beta. More importantly, barring any game breaking bugs that get discovered, this next open beta development build will be the last. Over the next few weeks I’ll still be working on updating the art in the game as my artist provides content, but I won’t push that into the public beta. Once  all my art is in, and any beta feedback is worked in, I will take down the publicly playable dev build, and you’ll have to look for Silent Station in a digital download store need you (specific details on that later). So get to testing now, while you still can play the game for free.

On the social media front, I still can’t reveal my next big project, but it is shaping up. In the mean time, I’m still rocking my The Immortal let’s play.

Stay tuned!

The YouTubes!

Let me start by saying once again how thankful I am to all the people who have been playing the alpha build of Silent Station (link) and providing feedback. The response has been fantastic.

Speaking of those responses, it is based on that feedback that I have added a map to the game. In the next update, every room you explore will uncover more and more of the map, with objectives being marked. With the map you should be able to avoid that feeling of being totally lost and not knowing if you have already been in this room or not. I want players to be able to intelligently explore the space station, and if they want to get back to a room they have already been to, they should be able to without getting lost.

With the addition of the map, it then becomes possible to make the space station much bigger. So in the final form of the game, you will take on three different sections of the space station. The first section will be small, and have few objectives and enemies. The next section will be larger, and offer more weapons, enemies, and objectives to clear, and so on with the next and last section of the station. I’m hoping that that will extend the gameplay time of a single play-through into an acceptable range of around an hour. I’ll update the dev blog with those stories soon.

Speaking of the alpha test, expect a new build soon. I’ve got a very surprising and exciting update to share on that end, but I can’t reveal it quite yet. Stay tuned!

I spent most of last week getting my YouTube channel together. I don’t want the channel to be just a place where I shill my games, but rather as a source of entertainment for viewers (and also a place where I shill my games). To that end, I’ve started up a number of projects, some still super secret, that will start to make an appearance on the official Stingy Hat Games Youtube Channel.

The first is a Let’s Play series called “Shakes Plays”, where I’ll be playing all sorts of games from my childhood. I’ve started with Will Harvey’s The Immortal from 1990. Check it out.

Weekly Post for 08/04/14

It has been a busy time here at Stingy Hat Games. Obviously, most of last week was spent gearing up to get the second alpha build online for everyone to play (which you can, here). The response to these publicly playable builds has been extremely positive, and I’m thrilled to hear from people who have played my game.

One of the more surprising findings I’ve had from releasing an early alpha like this is how, if you don’t explicitly tell people how something works (and sometimes even then), they will just make assumptions about it on their own. After the first alpha demo, I heard at least five different stories about exactly what you have to do to beat the first enemy encounter. You shoot him in the head twice, you shoot him once in the body and once in the head, you try to talk to him and then shoot him. In reality, there was a one in five random chance that he would die every time you shot him, no matter where you shot him. It was as simple as that.

Aside from all of the alpha shenanigans, the Stingy Hat media blitz machine has started to grind to life. I’ve been approved for a page at (link), and I’ve started up a YouTube channel (link).

Speaking of YouTube:

So the rest of this week will be devoted to the business and media rollout side of things. Check back soon for more news on my next big move. In the mean time, keep giving me feedback about the Silent Station alpha, and don’t forget to tell your friends!


Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum

Just what is going on here?

Hi all, Stingybot here.

Welcome to my first ever Weekly Post, hopefully with many more to come. I wanted to take this time to line out exactly what I’m going to use this space for, and maybe reveal a little bit of my grand scheme so that you have a reason to come back every so often.

In these weekly posts, I want to communicate exactly what it is that I’ve been working on (in a higher level sense than what you can see on my dev blog), and what you should expect to see from me in the near future.

For this past week, that obviously means I was working on creating the first Silent Station playable alpha build. Because of a last minute Internet outage, I started working on some new content very late in my planned sprint, so the actual build shipped out a little more rushed than I had initially planned. You know that space girl that keeps murdering you in the very first room? She wasn’t supposed to be in this build. Oh well. Still, the feedback I’ve been seeing so far has been very constructive, helpful, and positive, and my game will be all the more robust for having had it.

I plan on having at least two more builds available before I’m done with Silent Station. At the end of this week, the game should be in a near or total feature and content complete state. When that happens, look for a new playable build (I’ll post about it here, don’t worry). After that, I’m going to take a week or so to tweak and polish the game as much as possible, and will release a final build. I’ll get to what happens after THAT in a future Weekly Post.

In the mean time, thanks for reading, tell your friends about me, and stay tuned.

Ta ta.