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Silent Station is Released

Those of you who have been following twitter lately might know that Silent Station is now fully released. Get it now on the Windows Store or the Google Play Store.



In other big news, join the Official Stingy Hat Games Facebook page group thing (I don’t get this new fangled social media stuff).

Stay tuned for a big announcement write up on IndieDB, but in the mean time check out this sick trailer.

Oh, and buy my game!

Final Silent Station development build posted

This is your last chance to try a free development build of Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum.

Play the web build here (link).

The updates in this build are too vast to completely list. Since the last web build, I’ve had two professional artists contribute character art. I’ve added an intro cinematic, outro cinematic, and closing credits. I’ve also added a fully featured options screen, and fixed a lot of bugs.

This build is more or less identical to the Windows 8 version of the game coming out shortly for $0.99 (USD). I’ll leave it up here for another two weeks or so for people to try out and find any last minute bugs.


Land War is Open for Business

Land War has officially gone on sale on the Windows 8 App Store, the Windows Phone Store, and the Google Play Store (Android).

I made a late term decision to postpone the iPhone variant of Land War. Or, more accurately, I didn’t realize that an actual Mac OS is required to submit an app to the iPhone app store until very, very recently. Worry not, though, as I have my sights set on a Mac Mini in the near future, with which I will be able to port all my games over to the iPhone platform.

What an incredible learning experience this entire release has been. And I know/fear that there will be more learning to come as the release goes on and the game gets into people’s hands. In a week or two I’ll do a postmortem write-up about everything I learned while making and distributing Land War.

What’s next? I will be in full support mode for a few days, I wager, after which I will shift into the final development push for Silent Station (you remember that game, right?).

What a ride this has been.

Oh, how about some links:

Windows Phone Store Land War page:

Google Play Land War page: LINK FORTHCOMING.

Also, now announcing the introduction of an official home for Stingy Hat Games discussion forums. Sign up now: