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Final Silent Station development build posted

This is your last chance to try a free development build of Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum.

Play the web build here (link).

The updates in this build are too vast to completely list. Since the last web build, I’ve had two professional artists contribute character art. I’ve added an intro cinematic, outro cinematic, and closing credits. I’ve also added a fully featured options screen, and fixed a lot of bugs.

This build is more or less identical to the Windows 8 version of the game coming out shortly for $0.99 (USD). I’ll leave it up here for another two weeks or so for people to try out and find any last minute bugs.


Land War FINAL beta build update (10/21/14)

After long last, Land War has finally entered into beta status and is fully feature and content complete.

I’m going to send Land War out to the Windows Store people shortly, who will QA it and get me on track to having it up for sale. As such, this will be the final update to the playable build. On Friday, November 1st, I will permanently remove the playable build from my website. You’ll have to wait for it to come to a device near you to play it after that.

Check it out here (link), and get your feedback in soon!

As a note, the size of the build is starting to put a strain on my website’s bandwidth. The download might take a little while, so be patient.

Weekly Update 10/06/14 + New Alpha

Another week, another Land War playable alpha. Check it out here.

This week I concentrated on laying some more AI ground work. The AI should path around obstacles on the ground, and just about get around altogether better than before. I still haven’t decided what I want to happen in terms of AI flag defense.

I’m continuing to rework the HUD, only to remove it the next day. I just can’t come up with a style for the HUD that I like, so for now it is very much pure utility and ugly. Mind that.

Also new this week is a reworking of the map select screen, and several different levels can be played.

Perhaps the coolest new feature of this week is the addition of a new unit to call down, the melee unit. You only have access to this unit in the second set of levels (level 6+), so beat the first four levels and the boss stage to start playing with those. The melee unit is faster than the base soldier, but slightly more expensive. He is good for rushing the enemy flag down, but his effective weapons range is extremely low, so he can be a risky purchase.

Check it out.

What can you expect for the next build?

More levels, surely. I also imagine that the AI will be finalized by the end of this week, so expect them to bonsai rush you and defend their flag much smarter than now. There will also be one more new unit for you to play with, and ten more levels.
Stay tuned.

Land War Playable Alpha Build Updated

A new build of the Land War playable alpha has gone up (link).

Changes for this week include a map selection screen. Just click on any of the red ‘X’s and you will load the one and only level. Other additions include the ability for you to upgrade your troops and flag carrier. To upgrade your soldiers or flag carrier, click on the ‘+’ icons on the lower portion of the HUD. If you have the resource points, clicking the ‘+’ icons will spend the points to permanently buff your units.

Right now upgrading your soldiers will allow them to take an extra bullet before going down, while upgrading the flag carrier will make him generate resource points for you at a faster and faster rate. The upgrades system is a major component of the game design, and will force the player to make tough decisions. Saving up for an upgrade is risky, as it means the opponent will be able to field more troops than you and may be able to overwhelm you. On the other hand, an upgrade is a major force multiplier, and a well timed upgrade can absolutely turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Give it a shot and, as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Ta ta.

Land War Alpha Update – Hold Your Flags Up High

The Land War public alpha has been updated (link).

This small update includes some minor bug fixes, and adds a major new gameplay component, the Flag Carrier.

Now both teams can spawn a Flag Carrier unit at regular intervals. This unit will run, screaming, across the screen from friendly to enemy territory. The further they get, the more resource points they score for their team.

Check it out!

Land War Public Alpha Available

The first playable alpha build of our newest game, Land War, is playable here (link).

Keep in mind, this is a VERY early alpha build of the game. As such, it is full of bugs, placeholder content, and only a portion of the gameplay.

Enjoy, and please send me your feedback.

But what does this mean for Silent Station?

Silent Station is still in development. Actually, active development is finished. Once the art assets are completed, I’ll push Silent Station into open beta for a week or two while final bugs are squashed, then shortly after that you’ll be able to buy it in certain digital stores.

Have fun!

New alpha build of Silent Station is available

I’m going to make this post short and sweet.

There is a new playable alpha build of Silent Station that you can access here.

Things to look for in this week’s build:

  • A map to help you not get lost as you explore the station (hit ‘M’).
  • Brand new artwork for the player made by a real artist person and not me (the animations are still mine, though)!

That’s right! I’ve got an artist. The player art has been redone this week, and in the coming weeks the rest of the character art will gradually become replaced with his work. Who is he? His name is Chris “Superfez” Moreau, and he is tops at what he does. Many thanks to him for his excellent work.

Now get playing!

Oh, and visit my IndieDB page (link). Every visit helps!

Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum

The second public alpha has arrived!

Hi all.

The second public alpha for Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum has arrived! You can play it here.

This is a particularly big update for the game. You can now “beat” the game by collecting all of the objectives, overloading the station core, and exiting the station out of an airlock (to your ship, not into empty space). Standing in your way are two all new enemy types. Luckily, there is a new weapon to help you deal with one of your new friendos, but it is hidden somewhere in the station for you to find. The other enemy? Well, maybe you should just run. The map layout is completely random every time you play, so go ahead and give it a few tries.

As always, I look forward to your feedback on the current state of the game. I’ve already incorporated a good amount of feedback from the first alpha release, and I’m finding this process of public QA to be refreshingly helpful.

Tell your friends!

The first alpha build of Silent Station is here!

Access the current alpha build for the upcoming horror game Silent Station: Screaming in a Vacuum by using the navigation links above.

I will hopefully be updating this build in a weekly basis to apply bug fixes and new content. In the current build you can get into plenty of space horror shenanigans by running around a small section of the space station, shooting some baddies, and accessing some computer terminals.

Missing from this build is any sense of story or purpose. None of the random map generation is in yet, I only have one baddy type to fight, one weapon to use, and most of the objectives are not present. What I do have in the build is at least a fun toy that will act as the base for the meat of the game that will be forthcoming.